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Unity3D Asset Placement Tool

  • It is designed to provide asset placement tool in unity set dressing. We needed to place random props -especially vegetation – on game area. This was my first C# in Unity3D project and a bit challenge until I get familiar to the new language and Unity3D structure but pretty fun experience.


a. Placement
1) Select prop prefabs to place and add them to the prop list

Select target objects (prefabs) to place props upon on and add them to the target objects list. Uncheck ‘Use Map’ check box if you don’t have Design Map.

2) Select Design Map to define prop placeable area. Then add desired terrain objects to place props upon on to target objects list. Prop will be placed only on ‘green’ zone.


3) Adjust instance number. It is total number of instantiated props.
4) Adjust ‘Place props on slope <‘ number. It won’t place props where its ground angle is over the degree. (0 is flat ground. 90 is vertical wall.)
5) Adjust Rotation and Scale min/max values to give random values between the range to instances.
6) Press “Place Props” button to place props on the target objects.

You can re-layout props by pressing “Place Props” button until you like it. (It will not increase instance number)
Instantiated props will be parented to ‘propGroup_000’ gameObject

b. Masking

  1. Add mask objects to Ignore List, then props won’t be placed over mask objects.

Cactus is placed on roof.

Added houses to mask object list.

c. Adjust Prop Ratio

1) you can adjust percentage of specific prefab in the mix

d. Prop placement by ground slope angle