[tech note] color set history significantly increases maya scene size!

‘polyBlendColor’ command without ‘constructionHistory(ch)’ flag off will increase maya file size a lot.

cmds.polyBlendColor(bcn='a', src='b', dst='c', bfn=1, bwa=0.5, bwb=0.5, bwc=0.5, bwd=0.5,ch=0,cch=0)

When delete a ‘colorSet’, you should set the ‘colorSet’ first and then delete. If you duplicate the mesh which had the color set, it will recreate deleted color sets in duplicated.

cmds.polyColorSet(ccs=1, cs="colorSet1")  //set "colorSet1" as current color set.
cmds.polyColorSet(d=1,cs="colorSet1")  //delete "colorSet1" color set.